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Welcome to MSHFD Canada, the Canadian chapter of Medical professionals and Scientists for Health, Freedom, and Democracy. Founded in Germany as MWGFD in May 2020, MSHFD is an association of physicians and other members of the medical and nursing professions as well as researchers working in health and related fields. Members of the association recognize physical, mental, spiritual and social health and well-being as the highest good of humankind. We are committed to defending freedom and democracy as a necessary foundation for individual and public health.

During the ongoing corona crisis, the association promotes evidence-based decision-making. A broader range of professional perspectives regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus and government responses to COVID-19 has to be heard. At present, we focus on sharing dissenting opinions of Canadian doctors that are under-represented in the mainstream media. Please note that information posted on this site does not represent an endorsement by the association or its members; rather, it is shared in the spirit of open debate.

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Site created and maintained by Dr. Claus Rinner. Please email crinner at ryerson dot ca using "MSHFD" in the subject line, if you would like to participate in founding MSHFD Canada or have suggestions for additional resources.